Barking the Beagle

Kalifornians and so-called “progressives” talk about income equality as did Hugo Chavez, but they don’t learn a thing from places like Venezuela. When they get what they asked for, then the bubble bursts and inequality is far worse because the bottom drops out. They are destroying their own safety net and also that of all seniors, who in fact worked their lives to pay for their old age and health insurance.

Sitting here on the beach in Montevideo on the “Day that will live in infamy” wondering whether or not Millennials will step up and be the Next Great Generation or the Generation that will live infamy. When the crisis is eventually triggered and the credit bubble finally bursts, at that point of weakness the free world and “great satan” will be attacked by the overwhelming demographic and single focused mindshare of Islamists…inside and outside our gates. There won’t be enough money for America to fight that war and also to pay to sustain the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security safety net for their baby boomer parents. Baby boomers worked their lives to pay huge sums for these safety nets for their parents, The Greatest Generation who put their lives on the line in WWII to save their family, their community, their nation and their way of life. Baby boomers will be too old to fight, except a few generals and admirals maybe and except to take on some jihadis in own their yards and towns. The fight will fall to the GenXers and the Millennials the follow them. Even if Boomers give up the safety net they are promised, which they paid for their parents, which is for many boomers all that they have to live on, will GenXers and Millennials in fact take up arms en mass and defend their homeland? Given the prevalence of diaper safety pins, safe zones, microaggression anxiety, sophomoric misinformation and complacency, I wonder whether we will be dead or dhimmi? If I wee alive in the Great Depression when FDR et al installed it, I would be the last person to have supported the collectivist socialist safety net. But that is what we have. I can see a free market replacement for that net too, but I can’t imagine that net being built when the world is at war and unlike WWII there is guerrilla war in American streets similar to that in Lebanon or Irag. It’s like the 1930’s when the American Nazis were marching in American streets while Hitler was preparing to blitz war Europe. But today we have easily 10 times as many jihadis here and a current president and incoming head of the DNC, mass media, Hollywood, and universities preaching tolerance and teaching amorality and weakness to the generations that must fight an internal and external world war against armies demographically 10 times larger than Hitler’s armies and even more brainwashed and ruthless. The theocrats have been waiting and training for this demographic advantage, when they can call their streets to fight big and little Satan, all the while pushing their invasion of Europe and America by their cultural jihad built on tolerance. I think they are more strategic than to attack on Inauguration Day, a high point. They will wait until we are suffering from austerity or economic crash so that our generations are divided. We could grow out of this mess with Trump’s leadership, but that is unlikely with almost half the nation, the UN, the EU, media, and global elites pulling against Trump and us. Baby boomers, most of whom are against war, we have a fight on our hands whether we want it or not.

Looking at the muddy river Rio Plata and far across to the horizon, as far as my eyes can see, Argentina is still far out of sight across this broad river. Somewhere over there is my next destination.  Darwin had his revelation on evolution down here on the Beagle voyage on the channel between the continent and Tierra Del Fuego.  I hope I have one too.

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Survival in an icy future

How will anyone repair or install wind turbines or solar panels in blinding snowstorms or sub-zero temperatures? Whereas horizontal drilling and oil and gas production can be entirely underground or under ice sheets or glaciers or under water if need be.

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Inexhaustible natural gas

This recent articles explains the natural source of earth’s self sustaining, inexhaustible supply of natural gas.




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The Next Big Upset

I thought that by now you would have heard enough from me about global warming.  But as I write this, ten thousand people are gathered in Marrakesh under the UN banner to continue their expensive and deadly fraud on the people of earth.  All of us in a massive demand to redress this grievance can shut down this fraud.  This is far bigger than any U.S. election.

Evidence of warming or evidence of global warming or evidence of ice melting, none of these is not evidence that the cause of the warming is anthropogenic.  The global warming they claim, but they are unable to prove the warming is caused by humans. Such claims confuse the effects or consequences of warming with the causes of warming. That is a fundamental error in logic. Worse, most proponents of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) know that their claim is erroneous.  The, on top of that, the fact that they obtain money and power or allocate money and power through policies and laws or the stroke of a presidential pen make it fraud, subject to triple damage awards from the fraudsters.  The fact that they collude with many people and organizations means this giant fraud eventually will be the subject of RICO prosecutions.  The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, RICO, is a U.S. federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.

So far, no one has been able to measure any warming of the atmosphere or any warming of the oceans that results from human-produced CO2. Without experimental evidence from the real world, there is no science.  Without real world evidence, they have no case.  A computer model is at best a hypothesis until it is validated by real world evidence.  So far, all but one of those tens of models produce wrong answers, and one model by the Russians, which in a few runs has closely tracked temperature, indicates a cooling trend.

The measurement of temperature change (whether warming, cooling or trend-less) which is caused by human-produced CO2 cannot be made with the accuracy and precision required in science. The temperature change due to human-produced CO2 is far too small when measured against the much larger background noise of the larger variables of climate in real world conditions.  Moreover, the temperature change due to total atmospheric CO2, of which only about 4% is contributed by humans, is so small that it is not known whether the net effect is cooling or warming.  There are many interacting, co-dependent variables.

The UN Second Assessment Report [IPCC-SAR 1996] contained the conclusion, “the balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate.” The UN report prepared by scientists was altered by politicians.  A key graph was altered to suggest a human influence and the presented evidence was bogus.  They have no real world evidence, yet the U.S. government promoted these UN reports as evidence in Supreme Court cases, and similar situations occur in most nations.

The global surface temperature record is unreliable. It is a patchwork of judgments and curve fitting. Surface temperature sampling methodology fails the tests of statistics.  The data sets are loaded with averages of averages of averages, etc.  Most people learn in high school math that an average of averages usually gives the wrong answer.  But this is a worst case of that.  The measurement points are not evenly distributed and daily, monthly and yearly variance at many locations is much larger than other locations.  A wrong answer is almost guaranteed.  According to arguments by proponents of human-caused global warming,  they are alarmed about a 1.5 to 3 degree C temperature change averaged across the entire planet which they claim will occur before the end of the 21st century, more than 80 years from now, but daily temperature variation in many locations can be plus or minus 30 degrees C or more and there are many thousands of square miles with no temperature measurement at all.  Temperature records are very limited beyond more than 150 years ago.  The various agencies which maintain these temperature records are endlessly adjusting those records.  Yet, the global warming fraudsters attempt to project temperatures decades and hundreds of years into the future without understanding other natural causes of climate change.

This is not science, though the fraudsters including 190 governments claim it is science.  It is a giant con job.  They want trillions of dollars and engineering-level control of the planet for an effect that is so small that they are unable to measure it, despite having spent billions of dollars in their attempt.    But every day NPR, National Geographic, Sierra Club, grant recipients, so-called environmentalists, the management bureaucrats of scientific societies and countless “news” and weather stations and similar around the world are filling the airwaves and pages of propaganda and policies that result in harm to the health and finances of millions of people while enriching themselves at your expense.  Their fellow crony group of elite bankers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, “researchers,” media, and bureaucrats are now worried about the upset of their scam.

The global warming fraud is the second largest fraud in history, second only to the far bigger credit bubble underway now.  It is a giant class action fraud case with triple damages waiting to be filed against many of the wealthiest and elite people and organizations in the world.  You probably thought Trump’s upset of the Clintons, the Democrats and establishment Republicans was a big deal.  But we have not seen anything yet.

“According to the last report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, climate models are converging on a temperature rise of 1.5 to 4.5 degrees Celsius, or even higher, by the end of the century if emissions continue unabated. That’s become more than just an opinion. But in the WSJ editorial, the authors say carbon emissions will warm the planet by only 1 degree Celsius. “When a claim falls that far from established science, even heroes owe us an explanation.”  from the Bloomberg link immediately below.
“I would say that when the models fall so far from reality, the modelers owe us an explanation! – Clyde Spencer”   Pay wall.

Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate
S. Fred Singer, Editor, NIPCC, 2008

Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science

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Battle Lines of the Republic

The battle lines are being drawn now between Trump and the sanctuary cities and states. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is already vowing to defy Trump. Sanctuary cities and states are skewing the Electoral Vote toward the liberal big states…countradicting the intent of the Constitution. The proportion of total 538 electors is determined by total population (legal + illegal), that is, 1 elector for each member of the U.S. House plus 1 elector per U.S. senator. DC gets 3 electors according to 23rd Amendment, which is too many in my opinion. So, without illegals actually voting, without requiring them to be naturalized or green carded, the presence of illegal families skews both the House and the Electoral College to the left.
In other words, so-called “progressives” know they will eventually dominate the federal government unless there is a law or constitutional amendment that changes apportionment of House and Electoral College. The proportion of the 538 Electors and 438 U.S. Representatives allocated for states which are not sanctuaries for illegal aliens is progressively reduced.
I would normally favor states rights versus the federal government. But in this case, due to a unanimous Supreme Court ruling, the value of citizenship itself, the value of your vote, is being progressively diminished by control-hungry politicians and immigration policy. If federal immigration policy is not applied equally across the states and the Electoral College rules remain as they are, then the exact situation that our founders and framers designed the Electoral College to prevent will be enabled instead… the heavily populated states will dominated the nation.
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Take down the EPA

“A Proposed Early Priority for the Trump Administration: A Letter to USEPA to Reconsider and Withdraw Its GHG [Greenhouse Gas] Endangerment Finding” ~ Alan Carlin, former senior economist at US EPA.
Carlin Economics and Science, Nov 9, 2016




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“In Front of Your Nose”

…”The point is that we are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right. Intellectually, it is possible to carry on this process for an indefinite time: the only check on it is that sooner or later a false belief bumps up against solid reality, usually on a battlefield.”

“When one looks at the all-prevailing schizophrenia of democratic societies, the lies that have to be told for vote-catching purposes, the silence about major issues, the distortions of the press, it is tempting to believe that in totalitarian countries [such as socialist and communist countries] there is less humbug, more facing of the facts. There, at least, the ruling groups are not dependent on popular favour and can utter the truth crudely and brutally. Goering could say ‘Guns before butter’, while his democratic opposite numbers had to wrap the same sentiment up in hundreds of hypocritical words.”

“Actually, however, the avoidance of reality is much the same everywhere, and has much the same consequences. “…

~George Orwell, ‘In Front of Your Nose’
First published: Tribune. — GB, London. — March 22, 1946.


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Thought control

Thought control in practice.  How to create Newspeak.  Be eternally skeptical of their so-called expertise.  Do the right thing.

The article at the following link provides an example of everyday thought control in practice, state of the art:

Elitist Journal Rejects Skeptic Study As ‘Not Helpful’ To Climate Cult

Written by Ben Spencer

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It is you, not that village

Unfortunately, many people still believe in the collective. They believe that it takes a village. Their confirmation bias is so strong that they are unable to listen and absorb that individualism is God-given, and, no surprise, usually they have chosen to be God-less. They have not learned the lesson of the tragedy of the commons, but they probably were taught the metaphor. The metaphor is commonly taught, but it is most often used to teach a lesson against individualism or capitalism or free markets. The lesson is personal responsibility. For them, individualism, capitalism and free markets conflict with personal responsibility because a denial of instant gratification means they are a victim, they have been victimized by someone or the system. They don’t know the lesson. They let their goat overgraze the commons, and when they are told to stop, in their minds they have become a victim. They have not imagined that it is their responsibility and no one else’s to limit their goat’s grazing, and to buy and plant some grass, water and care for it as routinely as graze it. Collectivism is fatalistic. Individualism is freedom.  And of course tyrants want and need fatalistic subjects.

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Is everybody out there?

The final popular vote is not yet counted. The Electoral College vote has not yet been given and is not yet due. It’s one two three what are we fighting for? According to rules of the game that long preceded him, Trump won the game and Hillary conceded that Trump won. If you want to fight about that decision then that’s your decision and the state will make its decision based on your behavior. Everybody who plays does not get a trophy.




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